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Mannie Fresh Discussed Song Deal With Kanye West

Posted By on March 7, 2013

On the heels of an off again, on again relationship (personally and professionally) between Mannie Fresh and Mystikal, Mannie sits down to talk about a song deal with Kanye West and the completion of “OMFGOD”.

It was last year that Mannie Fresh announced that his work with Mystikal on his first project after being released from prison was stifled by Mystikal’s decision to sign with his former “No Limit” rival label “Cash Money Records”, whom Mannie is very much at odds with at this present time. Mannie has consistently and openly accused Brian “Baby” Williams of cheating him out of millions of dollars during his stint with the label.

Since that announcement, Mannie and Mystikal have mended fences personally, but Mystikal’s affiliation with Cash Money keeps their professional relationship in a strain. At least for now, Mannie has indicated that he, unfortunately, will not be working on Mystical’s upcoming project.

What Mannie will be working on is his new song deal with Kanye West. In early 2012, Mannie came extremely close to signing a deal to be a part of G.O.O.D. Music, but decided that based on his past strife with Cash Money, he did not want to be signed exclusively to any label.

“I chose not to really do that, to a certain degree, because I don’t wanna be signed to nobody,” explained Mannie of his reasoning for not inking with G.O.O.D. “I think Kanye’s a genius. But Kanye got his own space. It’s time for Mannie Fresh to get his own space as well.”

He has, however, inked a song deal with Ye, which he seems enthusiastic about.

“I got a good song deal with G.O.O.D. Music,” he noted. “A perfect song deal, that pays a lot. But, I just chose not to be signed because that don’t work for me.”

Unfortunately the one track that made the cut is where it will stand, at least for now.

“We did a lot of songs, but ultimately it’s on Kanye, what he picks,” explained Mannie of why the roughly half-dozen other songs he was involved in creating with Kanye’s crew have yet to see the light of day. “I’m not the boss at G.O.O.D. Music, but I can say I got paid well. I would have loved for some of the other songs to make it, but ultimately it’s Kanye’s choice.”