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Sway Talks on Kanye Not Being on List, Claims That Ye Did Not Tell The Entire Story

Posted By on March 8, 2013

While confirming that Kanye West did, indeed, give him his first TV, Sway Calloway said that there is much more to the story than what Ye revealed.

During a recent rant in which Kanye West was quick to reveal that he had given radio show host, and MTV personality, Sway Calloway his first TV, it seems that Ye left out some relevant information. Kanye was recently slated at the #7 spot on the Hottest Emcees List, presented by MTV. He took exception to this placement and subsequently went on rant in which he mentioned giving Sway his first TV.

Sway responded on his Sway in The Morning radio show, confirming that Kanye did give him the TV set and that he still has it, but also revealing that there is much more to the story than what was revealed.

“That very TV, today, I still have that TV he’s talking about,” said Sway. “Yeah, but it’s a lot about this story that Kanye West did not reveal. There’s more to the story ladies and gentleman. Typically, I don’t bring stuff to the surface. I protect relationships. Today, I’m going to bring that very TV that Kanye West was talking about to Rap Fix. And I’mma sit it on the set and let that TV co-host the show with me and I’m gonna tell the entire story of my first TV courtesy of Kanye West.”

Sway also took the time to break down exactly how the list is developed and what goes into it, stating that he doesn’t vote for reasons just like the issue with Kanye.

“I don’t vote. I created the list. I created the whole concept and I thought after time it wouldn’t be right for me to vote for this very reason,” Sway explained. “What you’re hearing Kanye say. Because I’ve been so apart of a lot of different careers with a lot of artists, including Kanye, that I know when I vote people get really emotional about how I may feel…This is how we came out. We averaged out everybody’s list and made it one master list. People came up with their own ideas of who their top 10 is. We made it into one master list and then we started debating. Not everyone on the table agreed with every number of every artist.”