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Rob Kardashian Speaks On How Kanye West Inspired His Sock Line ‘Arthur George’

Posted By on March 10, 2014

It is no surprise that Kanye West has a deep passion for fashion and has influenced a lot of people. Now Rob Kardashian has spoke on how much of a positive influence Kanye has been to him and his “Arthur George” sock line.

 Rob Kardashian says Kanye has been a great influencer and says he is a fashion icon.

 “I mean Scott’s cool just ’cause he used to wear suits all the time and dress super intense with the suit game so he was definitely [helpful] with the dress socks. He kind of gave me the idea to go crazy. Kanye is like a fashion icon so he is definitely inspiration to being something great or having a great business. He does a lot. I mean everything he touches is literally gold from all the shoes he’s created whether it be Louis [Vuitton] to Yeezys to whatever he is about to do with Adidas. Everybody is an inspiration, not just my family members.” (VIBE)