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Kanye Thanks Everyone For Air Yeezy Support

Posted By on April 7, 2009

    Kanye West dropped a new video today where he showed his appreciation to fans and customers for going out to support his new Air Yeezy shoes from Nike. Recording the video from a speed boat in Hawaii, Kanye said "I just wanna do a little video blog for y'all right quick. It's so beautiful wouldn't you agree? You can see the clouds and the mountains. But I wanna thank everybody that went out and supported, copped the Yeezys." [watch here]

     Kanye even talked about the negative news that the shoes were overpriced saying "A lot of people had to pay overpriced, next time when we do the Yeezys 2, hopefully we can do some more but it was real good to get the buzz out there and I really appreciate everybody that went out there and supported it." [watch here]

Kanye West Thanks Everyone Over Air Yeezy Hype