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Kanye West Produces For 30 Seconds To Mars?

Posted By on April 16, 2009

    If you are a regular reader of Kanye West's blog then you probably already know, but if you aren't, we are here to tell you that Yeezy recently posted a picture of himself with The Killers own Brandon Flowers and 30 Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto. "I was working on this dope-ass song with Jared and Brandon stopped by. I played them some of the new Jeezy (Young Jeezy) beats, and before everybody bounced, Brandon hopped on the keyboard and I hopped on the MPC [sampler]" West wrote. "Sh– was dope. Oh, and yes, those are Swarovski crystals on Brandon's shirt, by Dries Van Noten."

    So 30 Seconds to Mars is working with Kanye West, but fans of the group already know they are working with British producer Flood for their new album. So when management for 30 Seconds To Mars was reached they said "Kanye and Leto were working on a song for the upcoming 30 Seconds to Mars album, which will be released later this year." So will Kanye West be a major producer on the album? Only time will tell.