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Weezy Gives Tity Boy A Kanye Track

Posted By on April 19, 2010

     DTP member Tity Boy is planning to drop a new mixtape that will include a Kanye West produced track that Lil Wayne gave him. "The name of the tape is Me Against the World 2: Codeine Withdrawal," he said. "If anybody has been following what I have been doing on mixtapes, I've been following in the concept and the team of what 'Pac was doing. Not in the music, but with his titles. I had mixtapes come out called Trapavelli then dropped a double disc called All Ice on Me. The music is pure, straight form the heart. A chance for me to get my solo outlet out. Not breaking up Playaz Circle or nothing like that. Just getting a few things off my shoulders, ya dig?"

     "It's conceptual. … The subtitle is Codeine Withdrawal," he explained. "If anybody ever been into the epic of the lean, the sizzurp era, that's what's going down on the south side of Atlanta right now. A lot of cats really stopped drinking liquor, and they switched to a fruitier-tasting drink over ice. This tape, being that we were going so hard drinking syrup, it's like a drought. So I was like, 'You know what? They have habits [and some people can't function].' I did my whole tape without the assistance of what I've been doing for a couple of years. I still smoked, but the title is Codeine Withdrawal. I've had a few people tell me, 'Slow down, you moving too fast.' I slowed down. I got a little girl. It is what it is. Full of 'hood classics."

Lil Wayne – Gives Tity Boi A Kanye West Produced Track