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Kanye And Kim Wedding Delayed Due To Prenup

Posted By on May 8, 2014

It is no secret that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are getting married, but everyone is wondering why it hasn’t happened already, and now we finally have a better understanding as reports claim the two are still working on their PRENUP!

According to reports, Kanye and Kim will not be getting married until the prenup is signed by both of them.

 “Sources connected with Kim and Kanye tell TMZ … the prenup won’t be signed until next week — probably Wednesday at the earliest.  We’re told the marriage will NOT take place until both sign on the dotted line.” (TMZ)

Reports also claim that there has been no arguing about the prenup and that it has just been time consuming due to Kanye switching management.

 “Our sources say — unlike Kim’s prenup with Kris Humphries — the current negotiations are friendly … there’s no fighting.  We’re told there’s just a lot to work out, and it got complicated by the fact that Kanye recently changed management.” (TMZ)