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Kanye Puts Gag Order On Amber Rose

Posted By on May 21, 2010

      Working on his "Good Ass Job" album, Kanye West reportedly has told his current girlfriend to not say a single thing. A hip hop website says that Kanye put a gag-order on Amber Rose and at a recent Maxium party, reporters were unable to get her to speak, further proving the gag-order rumor.
      In related news, first reported to be dropping sometime next month (June), it looks
like Kanye West's upcoming new "Good Ass Job" album
is set to be released in sometime in September, according to insiders
at Island Def Jam. As we previously reported, Jay-Z is planning a
"Greatest Hits" type album to drop next month, so it makes sense Def
Jam would delay Kanye's album.


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