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Kanye West Talks Lady Gaga Sample

Posted By on May 28, 2009

    Kanye West is always looking for a new inspiration and when he found out what Lady Gaga was singing about on "Poker Face," it got his attention. When Yeezy later saw her perform a different version of the song on the internet, he was hooked. Kanye then sampled the song for KiD CuDi's "I Make Her Say" [listen here], formerally known as "I Poke Her Face." [listen here]

     "It’s a single for Cudi," Kanye explained.
[watch here] "Due to radio, the name of the song is called, ‘I Make Her Say.’ When I saw that YouTube, that’s what made me fall in love with the song — when I saw her play it the acoustic version. I could hear all the melody lines. On the ‘Poker Face’ single, she sings it straightforward, almost, like, ripping it or chanting it. But this [acoustic version], you hear the Broadway melodies run up and down. I was inspired by that. I wanted to sample it. I thought it was really dope — just on some hip-hop, ‘Say when I p-p-poke her face.’
[watch here]

    Kanye continued "All the backstory to the song is really controversial," he continued.
[watch here] "When I found out that her actual song is about her making love to her boyfriend but really thinking about her girlfriend, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s crazy.’ For us to even flip it to another level and challenge people’s opinions, that’s it." [watch here]

Kanye West Talks Lady Gaga Sample & KiD CuDi Single