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Kanye West Says He Appreciates His Fans

Posted By on June 1, 2009

    Kanye West has always had a big ego, we all know it. In a new interview Kanye talked about his growth as a man and promised to be more appreciative of his fans. "I'm not more humble but more gracious," Ye said in an interview. "If you look up the definitions of the word humble, it's all negative connotations, like one should bow down. I can only be fully me, and be fully appreciative of others, especially my fans. So I show my appreciation. If someone wants to take a picture with me or stop and talk to me because they appreciate my work, then I should absolutely show them that in return. Instead of having someone take a picture of me at 5 A.M. when I'm irritated and tired. I'm glad to say I am finally growing into my manhood at 31. At the end of the day, I hope people will say, 'That guy really cares about quality and wants to be an example and have a better life and inspire others to as well.'"

    In related news, Kanye West was featured in a new song that hit the net today [listen here] T.I. dropped "On Top Of The World" [listen here] featuring Ye and B.o.B.
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