Kanye West Has His Car Crash Into A Home

Kanye West Has His Car Crash Into A Home

    Kanye West's Porsche Panamera was destroyed in a major car accident over the weekend, with many reports saying the car crashed into someones home in Hawaii. Chris Cooper, says he was awaken at 4 o'clock in the morning by a loud noise. "Just a tremendous crash. As if a small building were coming down," said Cooper, who lives across the street from the crash scene. Cooper thought something had happened on Diamond Head Road until he stepped outside. "I looked over here and saw the car impaled in the garage," he said. The garage door to the home was pushed in and there was a large, gaping hole in the side of the garage wall. Honolulu police said the Porsche Panamera that was found at the scene is registered to rap star Kanye West. They said the car was being driven along Hibiscus Drive when it failed to make a right turn.


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