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Consequence Takes A Shot At Kanye (Video)

Posted By on July 27, 2011

     Former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence recently put out a video called "The World Is Watching (The Puppet Masters)," in which he implies that Kanye West is a bit of a tyrant. The video implies that Kanye is the "king" of his world and Consequence intends on "stopping" him. Here is what cos had to say with the video…

Every person in this world has a purpose and a destiny. There a select few who are destined for greatness. Others are destined to insure that those who personify greatness remain GREAT… These are “The Puppet Masters”. It’s a known fact that no Kingdom is complete without it’s court. In this clip, we get a glimpse at some of “The Puppets”, old & new, in a “Certain” King’s Court and what they set out to achieve.
Be Clear…
The World Is Watching!!!
– Consequence

Consequence – The World Is Watching 2 (The Puppet Masters)