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Kanye West Freestyle At Facebook Offices

Posted By on July 28, 2010

     Kanye West recently visited the headquarters for the popular social-networking website, Facebook. While at Facebook, Kanye dropped a freestyle from his upcomin (untitled but called "Good Ass Album") project. Remember when people questioned Kanye's skills as a rapper now it seems like every heavy weight is co-signing his new album, the clip below shows Kanye spitting a few verses from the new album at the California headquarters."I am the day Ice Cube meets Mike Jackson. Keep them away, huh? Something might happen."

      Showing up at in all sorts of random places including LeBron James' NBA announcement, alongside King Tut's great grandmohther [see below], now the Facebook headquarters where he performed multiple tracks from his 5th album including "Mama's Boyfriend," "Lost in the World," "Chain Heavy," and "Sweat on My Face."

Kanye West – Chain Heavy (Freestyle At Facebook)