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Kanye Vents About VMAs & “Monster” Banning

Posted By on August 8, 2011

     During the recent "Big Chill" festival in the United Kingdom, Kanye West took time during his set to speak about the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards along with his "Monster" video being banned by the network. Check out Kanye's latest venting..

Kanye West – Talks VMAs, Video Being Banned

  • Cory S.

    Kim Scott is still abusing me. I am not friends with her sisters nor cousins either. She abuses Marshall too, and Isis, and etc.

  • Cory S.

    I hope Kanye gets better, by the way. What a tough time of year for him. <3 Kim West K.

  • Cory

    oops, wrong person. My mistake. Not Kim Scott. I think its her sister. Maybe.

  • Congratulations on the newest addition to The West family.