Kanye’s Justin Bieber Remix With Raekwon (Audio)

Kanye’s Justin Bieber Remix With Raekwon (Audio)

     Kanye West kept his promise by putting out the remix of Justin Bieber's "Runaway Love" featuring himself and Wu-Tang member, Raekwon. Sampling 1993's "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F— Wit" for the song, Raekwon rapped "Yo, 'Ye, what up," Rae spits, opening the track like he did on the Jodeci hit. "You got stacks like the International House of Pancakes/ All alone, ready to phone me and your hand shakes/ Palms is wetted, don's regret/ Never to walk miles for love, I sit in the starter's deck."

     "Kanye was just being Kanye," Rae said. "He was definitely excited. The energy in the room was already speaking for itself. It was time to get up and have fun on the track together. We was drinking, laughing, being normal cats. At the same time, we had a houseful of celebrities in the house as well. [Kanye] was moving through the facility, checking out the studios he had. He had three studios in there. "You had Akon in the building. Mos Def was just chillin'. Mos is a good friend of 'Ye's," Rae added. "You had Charlie Wilson, the legendary cat from the Gap Band. Chris Rock walked in. These are guys that really respect who 'Ye is. 'Ye's energy is cool. He's a normal cat. A normal Chicago/world cat. Very mature. Having a great time."

Justin Bieber ft Kanye West, Raekwon – Runaway Love (Remix)


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