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Kanye West’s New Album Revisits His First

Posted By on September 23, 2010

     It looks like Kanye West's highly anticipated comeback album will allow fans to go backwards so that they can experience the mood of his debut album, "The College Dropout." So… what exactly does that mean? Despite not giving many details, one of the albums producers, Q-Tip, spoke about what fans can expect.

     "This album is, in a good way, going backwards. He's such an artist. He knows exactly what he's doing. When he did [808s & Heartbreaks] that was such a departure from College Dropout. But now he's stepping backwards so this album will be more of a sonic extension of College Dropout and Graduation but he's doing it with a new attitude. He's looking forward but reaching back, which is interesting. It's a calculated toe in yesterday's water if that makes any sense at all (laughs)."

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