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Kanye Sets His Release Date, Sings New Single and Has Another Paparazzi Run-In

Posted By on October 6, 2008

    As we previously reported, Kanye posted a message on his blog that he was moving his album up to a "November somthing" release date. Now at a T.I. concert in L.A. on Friday, where he was a special guest, Kanye not only told the crowd his new album 808s & Heartbreak was done, but it will hit stores on November 25th. Kanye also surprised everyone by performing "Swagger Like Us" and "Love Lockdown" at the T.I. show. Kanye also went on to perform part of "Heartless," which he says will be the second single from his album. The chorus is…

(singing) "A woman so heartless/ How could you be so heartless?" (Rapping) "There's a whole bunch of sh– you ain't told me/ Yeah, I did some things, but that's the old me … You got new friends. / Well, I got homies/ But in the end it's still so lonely."

    In Kanye related news, he had another run in with the paparazzi at LAX airport Friday morning [watch here]. In the video you can see Kanye's patience was tested as the cameraman keeps asking him if he wants to say sorry for his previous, and now famous, run in with a pap. After ignoring the pap for a while, Kanye finallly said "I'm gonna ask you as a man to leave me alone." [watch here]

Kanye West – Another Paparazzi Run-In