Kanye Strikes Controversy Over Tour Merchandise

Kanye Strikes Controversy Over Tour Merchandise

Kanye West is known for his controversial antics, and he has raised eyebrows once again. This time it’s Kanye’s merchandise on the “Yeezus” tour that has people talking.

According to reports, Kanye has decided to throw the Confederate flag on some of his merchandise being sold on tour.

Kanye’s “Yeezus” tour kicked off in Seattle on Saturday night and already there’s a fuss brewing. Not because any rants Kanye held on stage (because we’ve become accustomed to those) but what was going elsewhere in the halls of the Key Arena. Looking at the official tour merch, Yeezy’s got a few items adorned with the Confederate flag and some include the phrase “I Ain’t Comin’ Down.” Sometimes, it feels like ‘Ye’s totally trolling for negative reactions. As if Confederate flags adorning clothing could be explained away as fashion we, the feeble-minded plebeians, just don’t understand. Or, as Word phrased it, “Kanye likes to stir hornet nests just so he can complain about the stings.” (Smoking Section)

Check out some of the merchandise being sold below.

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  • Cory

    Can Kanye please get his girlfriend in check? I am so serious, Kim is gorgeous, what the hell is wrong with her that now she is all over the October newsstands posing in the nude. It’s not even summer time. She’s totally MENTAL?! Why does she think that because she just got her body back, she needs to now be in playboy?? How about some sort of mental health clinic to realize that she’s going way overboard. Ok, her ex husband was controlling- so she needs to keep getting more and more work done and rub it in everybody’s faces just to counteract that? I thought she was big on the Middle East too? Is this her way of fighting for women’s rights? I’m sorry, but I’m sure she doesn’t care- but I would never in a million years be friends with a person like that or her. It’s Stupid, and yes I’m jealous. It’s beyond ridiculous.

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