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G.O.O.D Music Opens Online Clothing Store

Posted By on November 1, 2013

Kanye West has just opened up a website,  goodmusicmerch.com ,  for G.O.O.D Music’s clothing line.

The site allows fans to purchase shirts, jackets, sweatpants, shorts, and tank tops all from the G.O.O.D Music line.The prices are actually not too bad-ranging from $34 to $160.

A few weeks ago, Kanye was interviewed and expanded on his passion for being creative in other outlets aside from music:

“I shouldn’t be limited to only one place of creativity,” West said during an interview with BBC Radio 1.“And it’s literally only like one or two or three reasons why I haven’t been able to break that down. This is the thing, you guys don’t understand. You guys don’t understand that I did the Yeezys and they eBayed for $90,000. And people wanted them bad as whatever, right? But I didn’t get a call from Nike the next day. You guys don’t understand that I’ve met with companies and they say, ‘What we’re trying to figure out is how we can control you and control that.’ If you’re an architect, if you’re a world builder, if you have all these ideas and you’re gaudy and you want to build buildings, if you don’t ever get that out what ‘s gonna happen? Isn’t that why you do it?”


Check out some of the items for sale below: