Kanye West Goes After Bruno Mars During Brooklyn Concert

Kanye West Goes After Bruno Mars During Brooklyn Concert

Most would call it a rant. Kanye refers to it as a “stream of consciousness”. Whatever you want to label it, Mr. West was at it again during his recent show in Brooklyn.

This time the Chicago rapper goes after singer Bruno Mars and discusses a conversation he had with Oprah:


“When I went to the MTV Awards, Rick Rubin hit me, he said ‘Are you performing at the MTV Awards,’” said Kanye. “I said ‘Yeah.’ He said ‘Look man, just do your mothafuckin song and leave. Just do your song and leave. Just do your song and leave.’ Cause sure enough I’m sitting down trying, I’m trying to enjoy mothafuckas performing and shit…And then they start giving out awards and shit. And Bruno Mars win all the mothafuckin awards and shit. You know, I was just thinking about what Rick Rubin told me cause I don’t give a fuck about no TV show. But what I care about is if you an artist and you work hard as fuck and the streets say that you deserve that shit then can’t no mothafuckin networks try to gas everybody up. So, they can sell some [product] with the prettiest mothafucka out.”


“These major corporations they wanna control you,” he added. “And they take us as musicians…to hold that mothafuckin product up and that’s what they show you. But fuck that. Fuck that that’s old school. Fuck that. Fuck that that’s old school. And Oprah said ‘They scared of you Ye.’ Well, of course they should be…That’s why I’m turning up. That’s why I’m turned up. Cause I want my turn. These guys got fed off it and I want my turn.”


Check out the full rant below:



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  • Muchedi Bra

    kanye u r an extremely talented individual but sometimes ur ego and passion gets the best of you.we must learn to control our enthusiasm and passion to better ourselves and to be a good role model for these next generations.let ur talent speak for itself cuz yo pockets already go deep.

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