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Sway Addresses The Kanye West Heated Interview On ‘RapFIx Live’

Posted By on December 5, 2013

Sway Calloway has finally decided to address the now infamous Kanye West interview last week on his radio show.

Sway decided not to issue a statement, instead he chose to express his feelings during a “RapFix Live” show.

“It seemed to be public demand that I respond to an interview that I just did with Kanye West a week ago that blew up on the Internet, and I decided to respond here on ‘RapFix,’ ” Sway said to open Wednesday’s (December 4) episode. “I turned down a lot of other interviews, but today we’re going to set the record straight. For the record, I love Kanye West; that’s my little brother.” (MTV)

Sway wanted to make the best out of the situation and decided to use it for a really good marketing move.

The one thing Sway didn’t co-sign was Kanye’s assertion that he didn’t have the answers. “See, that’s the part that I don’t necessarily agree with, that I don’t have the answers, man. And to prove it, there is something that I wanted to show you guys right here, that I actually got the answers now,” he said as he unzipped his jacket to reveal a black-and-white T-shirt that reads: “I Got the Answers.” (It’s on sale now at SwaysUniverse.com.) (MTV)

Check out the “RapFix Live” show below: