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Kanye West Takes Aim At Michael Jordan During ‘Yeezus’ Tour Stop In Chicago

Posted By on December 20, 2013

Kanye West is no stranger to name-dropping well known entertainers throughout his “Yeezus” tour. Ye is still not done speaking his mind about certain entertainers and now he has decided to take shots at NBA legend Michael Jordan this week.

Kanye was performing in Chicago Wednesday (December 18) when he chose to single out Chicago’s hometown hero. Mr. West took aim at Jordan’s career decision to leave Chicago and head to the Washington Wizards.

This rant was not like all of the others, though. Because rather than just rant, Kanye also sang an entire song–in Auto-Tune!–that is pretty much guaranteed to get stuck in your head. There is some ranting and raving within the actual song itself and, really, we hesitate to call it a “song” at all (one Complex staffer referred to it as an “Auto-Tune visionary stream of consciousness,” which is pretty accurate). But Kanye really gets into it here and somehow manages to draw comparisons between the way that the Bulls treated MJ at the end of his career and the way that some very important people out there are treating him now. It’s…interesting (as a sidebar, it’s worth reading this breakdown of Kanye’s “song” that tears his entire premise to shreds). Go ahead and press play on ‘Ye’s new tune now. Just don’t be surprised when you’re walking around in two hours singing, “WE, SHOULD’VE, NEVER, EVER, LET, MICHAEL JORDAN, PLAY, FOR, THE, WIIIIIIZARDS!” You’ve been warned! (Complex)

Just last month Kanye took shots at Lenny Kravitz at a “Yeezus” show. West had no idea, but Kravitz was actually in the audience while Ye went took aim at him.

Kanye West wowed the Garden Sunday night — but interrupted the concert for a 20- minute rant against the fashion industry, calling himself “The 2Pac of this [bleep]” and the “No. 1 rock star on the planet.” In the middle of a blistering performance, West went on a bizarre diatribe about Lenny Kravitz — not realizing that Kravitz was actually there in the audience cringing. Before a crowd that included Leo DiCaprio, Idris Elba, Busta Rymes and John McEnroe, West raved, “It’s so funny when people compliment me and they say the word ‘genius’ as if that somehow separates me from other rappers in some way …. I need you all to realize that Jay Z is a genius, and Drake is a genius …. we are the modern day poets, obviously.” (Page Six)