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Kanye West “Graduates” September 18th

Posted By on May 13, 2007

Kanye West Cant Tell Me Nothing

Kanye West isn't graduating in May or June, like most seniors. The so-called College Dropout's Graduation date will actually be this fall — September 18, to be exact. That's according to his mother, Donda, who says she's very proud of West's third LP. "This Graduation album is his best ever — musically, as well as the lyrics," she said.

"I'm graduating from a school called 'Universe City,' " Kanyeezee explained of his Gradution concept. "I think the sound is bigger this time. It's bigger and simpler, where the notes really connect with you and I say lines … I know the power of my words, so when I rap, I know it's gonna impact the world. I know I'm gonna be performing anywhere from the Summer Jam stage [at New Jersey's Giants Stadium] to [New York nightclub] Speed to the House of Blues in L.A., to London to Brazil to Ireland. … I'm making music for somebody sitting in a car on their way to work trying to get through traffic and my music is helping them zone out, to a 60,000-seater where I'm opening up for the Rolling Stones or U2. I'm not talking about you two — I'm talking about U2 the group. Like I say, 'Why would I do a song with you two when I just got offstage with U2? I'm not even talking to you two.' That's how I feel."

"I'm ready to take over the world once again," he added. "I have a lot to say. I got a lot more music to make. I'm still going through stuff. People are still going through stuff. I make music people can relate to every day. My music just isn't about my story. … There's not one artist in the world that has as much responsibility as me. When I deliver a piece of music, it has to connect with the most genres of music. I don't care who you name. If you name rap artists, their only responsibility is to rap crowds. If you name a pop artist, their only responsibility is to a pop crowd. If you name some French dance music, their responsibility is to the cool crowd. But I have to deliver songs. All these people are looking at me from super-middle America to the hipsters like, 'What's he gonna do next?' "

In addition to his own project, Kanye has been producing the aforementioned Finding Forever as well as Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III.

His latest single "Cant Tell Me Nothing" should be out any day now LISTEN HERE FOR A SNIPPET