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Kendrick Lamar Uncovers The Only Artist He Wants To Collab With Right Now

Posted By on February 5, 2014

Compton‘s own Kendrick Lamar recently spoke on his success in the music business. He also touched on which artist he is focused on collaborating with at the moment.

K.dot started by speaking on the importance of lyrics and putting meaning into the music.

“What do your lyrics say about you as a person? My lyrics say that I have morals, say that I have confidence, say I have weaknesses, say I have strong points, say l am a human being. Out of all the tracks you have written, which do you feel the most proud of now? The most proud of is tough, I’ve written a lot of tracks. If it had to be from this album, any one off this album really, sing about me, l’m real, Compton. Who will you collaborate with in the future? I’m really tight on collaborations, I always say Erykah Badu, that’s it for now, that’s always in the back of my mind. “(I-D Vice)


Kendrick was later asked what song or album he’s listened to the most.

“What track or album have you listened to more than any other? That’s hard, that’s tough. They played a lot of Tupac All Eyez On Me, Me Against The World, they probably played that track a hundred thousand times in our house.” (I-D Vice)