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Keyshia Cole

MTV Says Keyshia Cole Isn’t An MTV Artist

Posted By on September 14, 2010

     R&B singer Keyshia Cole says that MTV did not invite her to this year's Video Music Awards because her meeting with them wasn't up to their standards. Taking to her twitter account, Keyshia Cole explains why she wasn't there.

     "….. MTV TOLD ME IM NOT A …….. MTV ARTIST…. SOOOOO," she tweeted after a fan asked her if she was there. Another fan quickly followed up by asking Cole for an explanation of what an "MTV artist" is. "idk they're perception of who [I] am," she says. "i haven't crossed over yet…. i only sell 1.5 every album.. thats only 5 mill. in 5 years."

Keyshia Cole – Footage (Say MTV Said Shes Not An MTV Artist)