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KiD CuDi Balances Hip Hop & Celebrity Status

Posted By on February 26, 2010

     Hip Hop freshman KiD CuDi recently talked about keeping a healthy balance between his new rap career and the celebrity status that comes with it by doing things like trying not to flaunt things like recently working with Jay-Z and Kanye West. From KiD CuDi's point of view, he does not try to shoot for the same type of fame and status as other artists. "I always stop, shake a hand, say 'Whattup,' take a picture if someone wants to take a picture, or sign something," he explained in a recent interview.

      "When people follow you, and you can tell when they're following you, and you're going to shop or eat and people are staring, it's the typical thing, but then it's like, 'C'mon, am I really that famous?' You have to ask yourself that. I'm not Justin Timberlake; I'm just this dude and I never tried to make myself seem larger than life…What you see is what you get in my music. I just don't really understand it in my brain, so that's why it's kinda creepy."


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