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KiD CuDi Says He’s Quiting, Before He Starts

Posted By on March 16, 2009

    KiD CuDi says that his first album will be his last. In a new entry in his blog, KiD CuDi said that after his first LP that will hit stores this summer he will "not making any more solo albums." CuDi says that he plans on "Fallin back on being a artist." CuDi says that it's just too much stating "the drama that comes with it is more overwhelming than the shit I was dealing wit when I was piss poor broke."

    KiD CuDi says that his "friends get mad at me, say ive changed" and that even fellow upcommer rapper Wale is "worried about me cuz of shit he hears." CuDi doesn't understand all the hate, he says asks "does my music poke fun at others? do i talk shit about people n my music? I already went to high school once, and got expelled cuz it wasn't for me." KiD CuDi finished up saying "Ima drop out this shit before niggaz try and crucify me."

    In realted news, KiD CuDi released his 2nd video, this time for the track "Superboo." [watch here] The new video is directed by Tishaun Dawson and features The Beautiful Warriors so make sure you [watch here] In the past CuDi has released not one but two versions of his "Day N Nite" single. Check out both versions 1st [watch here] and 2nd (final) [watch here]