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KiD CuDi Talks Collaboration With Jay-Z

Posted By on September 7, 2009

    Freshman class rapper KiD CuDi recently talked about being chosen to appear on Jay-Z's new "Blueprint 3" album. Almost sounding shocked that it happened, CuDi says "I was listening to the song in my iPod and I was just like 'Man, I'm on a song with Jay-Z, like, legitimately.'" [KiD CuDi – Talks Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Collaboration – Watch Here]

    "I recorded these vocals last summer when I didn't have no job and I was still grinding, I didn't have a deal, actually, and those are the same vocals. So the fact that I did it a year ago and he used it which he could have easily had somebody else do it and I could have got writer's credit, but he kept me on there and that's really dope. It really bugged me out — it's bugged man [laugh], I don't know — [The's songs meaning is] people always saying not saying this about Jay and they always critiquing the legend but this song is pretty much telling cats he's here to stay, he never left and why they want him to fall and it'll never happen 'cause it's the Roc," Cudi explained. [KiD CuDi – Talks Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Collaboration – Watch Here]

    In related news, two new songs from KiD CuDi that are reportedly from his upcoming "Man On The Moon" album hit the net today. "Simple As" [listen here] is now available while KiD CuDi also dropped the "Soundtrack 2 My Life." [listen here]

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