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CuDi’s Music Helps Him Escape After Break-Up

Posted By on September 19, 2011

     As we previously reported, KiD Cudi covers the upcoming issue of Complex Magazine and now parts of the included interview have been released. In the feature, CuDi speaks about spending a lot of time in New York City around Kanye West at the start of 2011. KiD CuDi says he wanted to chill with Kanye because of a romantic break-up.

"I was at another place, another dark place. Me and my girl had broken up. I wasn't fully healed yet. And being around Kanye and music was my escape. He's a sober guy, he has a drink every once in a while, but seeing how he throws himself into the studio when he's stressing about something, I totally admire that. Being around that was therapy for me. [Now?] Yeah, [me and my girl,] we're solid. I'm just trying to figure out love. I never was really good at it, but when you have someone who loves you so much and can take your good and your bad, and work with you and help you grow–that's priceless. To have a ride-or-die woman, for somebody that's in the position I'm in, that's a once-in-a-lifetime thing." (Complex)

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