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KiD CuDi Talks Drake Collab & Rap Unity

Posted By on September 21, 2009

    Freshman class member KiD CuDi recently talked about his relationship with fellow rap new commer Drake saying that the two were in the process of brainstorming a possible collaboration. "Me and Drizzle are definitely working on something. Yeah man, as soon
as he gets better, we've been brainstorming, throwing some ideas
around," CuDi said. [KiD CuDi Talks Collab With Drake – Watch Here]

    Beyond Drake, KiD CuDi talked about the importance of rappers and artists maintaining unity within hip-hop. "That's how you gotta keep it man, that's how it was back in the day," Cudi said about maintaining a relationship with Wale and Drake. "You had different crews and stuff, but everybody was pretty much homies. Like in the Kid N Play days and Queen Latifah and LL [Cool J], everybody was cool, even Naughty By Nature. You know, it was unity and that's kinda what I want to do now. I kinda wanna bring that together." [KiD CuDi – Talks Relationship With Other Artists – Watch Here]

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