KiD CuDi Talks Drake Collab & Rap Unity

KiD CuDi Talks Drake Collab & Rap Unity

    Freshman class member KiD CuDi recently talked about his relationship with fellow rap new commer Drake saying that the two were in the process of brainstorming a possible collaboration. "Me and Drizzle are definitely working on something. Yeah man, as soon
as he gets better, we've been brainstorming, throwing some ideas
around," CuDi said. [KiD CuDi Talks Collab With Drake – Watch Here]

    Beyond Drake, KiD CuDi talked about the importance of rappers and artists maintaining unity within hip-hop. "That's how you gotta keep it man, that's how it was back in the day," Cudi said about maintaining a relationship with Wale and Drake. "You had different crews and stuff, but everybody was pretty much homies. Like in the Kid N Play days and Queen Latifah and LL [Cool J], everybody was cool, even Naughty By Nature. You know, it was unity and that's kinda what I want to do now. I kinda wanna bring that together." [KiD CuDi – Talks Relationship With Other Artists – Watch Here]

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