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KiD CuDi Talks Problems He Has With Wale

Posted By on October 5, 2010

     KiD CuDi will soon cover the new issue of Complex Magazine in which he talks about many things but a few questions and answers were left out, now they have been released. Check out CuDi talking about the problems and issues he has with fellow freshman class rapper, Wale.

Complex: Where did the whole attitude shift towards Wale stem from?

Kid Cudi: I really don’t understand what’s up with this guy, but he’s just somebody I don’t click with anymore. I started making changes in my life and started to realize positive energy around me, and he never really had a good energy. I never felt like he wanted to see me prosper, it was just one of those niggas that was envious rather than happy for a nigga. I could be reading it wrong, but I’m not making beef and rearranging my life. It’s pretty obvious he feels some type of way about it. I’m not into peer mediation and working things out, I’m just trying to provide for my daughter and my family and making music for my fans. I vibe with certain people and some people I don’t.

Complex: Last September you shot a page for GQ’s Man of the Year issue with him and Drake; was everything cool then?

Kid Cudi: The whole time me and him and Drake were doing the GQ shoot,Wale was bitching and being aggravated that clothes weren’t in his size, just really not cooperating and being difficult, and just being a diva. The photographer was like, “Wale, c’mon, smile a bit” and he was like, “Man, I don’t smile, let these other guys smile.” I was like, what kind of shit is that? In my head I’m thinking “man, this is GQ. If these niggas want you to smile, smile. We just got picked for “Men of the Year” that shit is awesome. It’s wack to be on that shit when you’re at a photoshoot, he shouldn’t be getting all riled up. There was tension throughout the whole shoot. Me and Drake have a rapport, we’re cool. We were automatically hitting it off, and kicking it, and just Wale was not trying to be in the situation. He was trying to be too cool. He was acting like he’s too good for the situation, and that’s how he always is. He always acts like he’s bigger than what he is, and I don’t fuck with that at all.

Complex: I see…

Kid Cudi: I always kept quiet when he used to say his little things, say his slick shit in the interview. Even the song we were supposed to do. Man there was never a song that we were supposed to do. He heard a record and wanted it. It wasn’t meant for him to hear it, some bosses were talking. I just don’t understand how niggas get too big for their britches. I don’t get it. I don’t know it. Even at the GQ shoot he was sending little shots, talking about my skinny jeans, and saying Cudi’s size is “Schmedum” trying to be funny. But I’m a goofball and a comedian, and was just joking, because he’s harmless to me, I don’t see him as a threat in any way shape or form, he’s just someone who has a chip on his shoulder. I have no ill will towards dude, I want to see him prosper, I wish that we could make records, however I’m not going to feed into the bullshit, and I’m not going to be around people who I don’t feel right around. And when you start going talking about me in records, the silence has to be broken. I have to defend myself and talk about what it really is and show my side. You going to put me in your art, now it’s like you’re thinking about me, and I’m not thinking about you. It’s not like last year, I’m in another place. And if I was to think about reconciling, he’s probably talked so much shit about me, it’s too late to renege on anything. The guy obviously feels type of way. I just got done getting off some coke shit, real problems. Competition, freshman class, that shit is last year, we ain’t on that. I’m not in any class, I dropped out. I got my GED, I’m good. There’s no more categorizing competition, there’s no competition. I laid my pavement on my own road, and I have my crew of fans that follow, I have my own 104-thousand first week of fans that are right there with me. I’m happy with that. That nigga want to be #1, that’s why he has that song [Number Won]. Like I like being #2, #2 never gets old, it’s a solidified spot, #1 changes all the time. You always remember that one nigga that’s the ill myth in the underground scene, and the nigga that you heard about with classic joints but hasn’t had mainstream success but you respect him as an artist. I’ll be that nigga.


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