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Lauryn Hill “Takes A Dive” At Oakland Performance

Posted By on July 2, 2007

As Sony executives confirm a forthcoming release from Lauryn Hill, reports of poor vocal performances and fan discontent at her live shows continue to follow the reclusive singer.

According to the San Jose Mercury, Hill made a rare appearance last week (June 27) at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California that fans have since labeled a fiasco. In fact after reportedly singing only four songs, up to 100 concert goers left the show "grumbling loudly and demanding refunds" of their $90 tickets.

"But it wasn't just her voice that was shaky. Hill stumbled about the stage and, at one point, actually fell flat on her back – which brought into question exactly what the singer had been doing backstage during the long delay," wrote Jim Harrington.

Although Hill hasn't released a studio album since 1998's The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, she recently contributed an original song titiled "Lose Myself" on the Surf's Up soundtrack, an animated feature for Columbia Pictures.

No release date has been confirmed for Hill's sophomore studio set, however her representatives attest that her new project will consist of recently conceived material and will not be compositions from the scores of vaulted recordings she has amassed over the last decade.