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Lil Boosie Speaks On Being Released From Jail; Says He Has Huge Music Catalog Ready To Go

Posted By on February 2, 2014

A few days ago, it was confirmed that rapper Lil Boosie will be released from jail earlier than expected. Slated to be released February 13th, Boosie sent a statement to his publicist noting his excitement to return to his life and the rap game.

“I can’t wait to get out and squash all that sh*t,” Boosie said in the statement via AllHipHop. “I think the folks are waiting for my return to the game.

According to AllHipHop, Boosie also said he has hundreds of songs ready to be put out.

Boosie adds that he has hundreds of songs written ready to be recorded. According to the rapper, his new material will be “real life music.” Fans will also get to see his “growth as a son, a father, a man and with the help of his brother TQ, a verified businessman.”

“I think the folks are waiting for my return to the game,” Boosie said. ” (AllHipHop)


  • VanillaPolsley

    being in prison for a few years makes him grow as a father and a man? LMFAO!

    • trae

      Ever Been To Prison? No? Then Stfu GEt Off His nuts

      • VanillaPolsley

        cool story bro



      • VanillaPolsley

        calm down negro its black history month

  • Thakid_865

    Being jail makes man think about everything even being better person to stay out for his family and good friends only people tha been to jail no that some change and so don’t.@VanillaPolsley

  • ayeedoe

    ayee doe welcome back lil boosie man but fr doe all of your songs almost talk about killing someone lmao but we know u never killed no one for real but u aint got to be in dat jail no mo my bro man feel yo song from day one man come out here with some fresh ass songs imma make sure i listen to em man it been 5 years or 6 lil boose bin in der for fucking no reason man i be pissed off and kill the cops doe but uk im not going be setence for life for some bs but welcome back boose and ur right the folks been waitng on yo asz and they just relized he never mudred someone fuck up

    but hit me up with em good ass songs. peace my nigga

    • Wayway

      wtf 5 or 6 years that cant be right?

  • DR.WHO?

    The return of the chipmunk LP

  • Jeffrey Kwakye



    We been waitning for this time boosie i beeen doing some rapping my damn self hopeing i can get up there wid u sum time u knw. Im 601 Jacktown nigga and we fuks wid yall louisiana boyz u knw. Me and my people been waitn on you homie when u get out u say yo go squash shit but keep yo head up its a lot of fake ass pussy’s round these streets that go try and catch you slippn outchia. STAY UP, COUNT UP, AND FUCK HOES!!….