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Lil Flip Says He’s Back; Talks New Music

Posted By on June 19, 2009

    Lil Flip has been out of the spotlight for some time, now the Texas rapper has come forward to talk about why his new music will out do other artists after being gone so long. Stating label issues with Sony and Warner for his absense, Lil Flip says he's noticed what other's have been putting out.

    "I tell you one thing that [record label] sh*t did, even with the T.I. beef, even with everything I done been through, getting shot," Flip explained in an interview. "The whole time I was going through all that I was going through, I've been recording. Like, I've got literally over 2,000 songs in my computer, half of them freestyles. So all that did, the whole time all of this was going on, I've just been working, working, working…The sh*t that I'm fixing to release…they ain't even gonna think I wrote that sh*t…By me getting to hear all of the competition and see what's been playing on the radio, all these years, I just really got to hear what everybody else is doing. So I'm way more confident that I've ever been in my whole career cause I know what album I'm sitting on. I'm sitting on some sh*t that's crazy."