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Lil’ Flip Working On New Reality Show ‘The American Rapper’

Posted By on May 25, 2007

Shortly after the release of his latest effort I Need Mine, Houston rapper Lil' Flip is taking his chances in the reality TV world with his show The American Rapper.

The American Rapper will follow contestants as Lil' Flip teaches them the tricks of the trade including essentials like interviewing and networking skills.

"A lot of these reality shows is kind of a mockery of Hip-Hop," Lil' Flip told AllHipHop.com. "With my show I'm gonna try to find a rapper, they get a two album deal, a chain and money. I'm teaching 'em media training. How to handle interviews, what not to say and do. How to talk to people and network, how to run commercial spots, how to construct a song, attitudes."

In the end, Lil' Flip will decide which contestant will be crowned as the American rapper.

"People think nowadays that if you're the greatest rapper then you're going to be famous," Lil' Flip told AllHipHop.com. "You could be the greatest rapper, but have a s***ty attitude, and don't nobody wanna f**k with you. So I'm going to 10 states, New York, Chicago, Vegas, Houston, Dallas and a few other places. I'm gonna find the best people, then eliminate and chop them in half. It's gonna pretty cool."

Lil' Flip's latest album I Need Mine was released March of this year and reached #14 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.