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Lil Jon Wins His Battle Over The Weedman

Posted By on January 26, 2009

    Lil Jon and his Eastside Boyz dodged a bullet last week when a judge rejected an appeal of a copyright lawsuit over their song "The Weedman." Redwin Wilchcombe sued Lil Jon, The Eastside Boyz and TVT Records saying he and his manager were members of a production team called "Red Teamwerk" who were working with Jon and the Boyz on their album "Kingz of Crunk." Wilchcombe says he came up with the hook and wrote a parts of the song which was featured on the album that sold over 2 million copies.

    The court ruled ruled against him and for Lil Jon saying because there was written contract in regards to the song to support Wilchcombe’s allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty for not being compensated. “The district court properly rejected these arguments for this reason, and we likewise refuse to give Wilchcombe a ‘second bite at the apple," the judge stated.