Lil Jon’s Crunk Rock Album Cover (Artwork)

Lil Jon’s Crunk Rock Album Cover (Artwork)

     The cover for Lil Jon's upcoming "Crunk Rock" album has leaked, you can view it below. Hitting stores June 8th, guests include Ice Cube, R. Kelly, Game, Soulja Boy, Pitbull, Swizz Beatz, and more.

     "Because there's so many different kinds of Lil Jons that's on this album that it's not just rock and roll," he added. "You got some rock kind of collaborations, but you got some electro collaborations, you got crunk music, you got dance music, you got all kinds of stuff, Bali funk. We got so many different kinds of collaborations on the album that it changed really into a lifestyle. We live like this."


Lil Jon – Prepares His Crunk Rock Album, Says Its Not All Rock


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