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Lil Jon Strikes Deal With New Label

Posted By on August 5, 2008

    Lil Jon's old label, TVT Records, is being acquired by The Orchard and he has had a mult-million dollar objection. Now according to AllHipHop, Lil Jon has made a deal with the new company where in exchange for dropping his objection, he will be free from all recording obligations he had left in his contract plus he will own the master recording rights to his new upcoming album, Crunk Rock. "I walked into The Orchard and came away with the sweet taste of freedom," Lil Jon said. "Others talk, The Orchard does. I expect to do great things with them, and look forward to my future."

     The Orchard will still be able to digitally reissue Lil Jon's old albums and Lil Jon will help develop new marketing and promotion initiatives plus help with A&R and producing for select new projects.