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Lil Jon Finds A New Home, Plans New Album In 2009

Posted By on October 8, 2008

    Although its body is laying cold in the morge with a toe tag and funeral arrangements have already been made, Crunk Music isn't dead, according to Universal Republic. They announced today that they signed the Crunk King Lil Jon to a major label deal that will have Lil Jon as a producer and artist delivering solo albums plus even an A&R for the entire company.

    “Lil Jon is a larger than life figure who casts a giant shadow over every facet of the entertainment business,” Universal Republic CEO Monte Lipman said. “His name is synonymous with brand-building and we want him plugged into multiple Universal Republic platforms for maximum results. I view him as our Urban Music Czar!" Lil Jon's very-long-delayed follow up to his 2005 Crunk Juice is set to release sometime early in 2009.

    As everyone knows, Lil Jon was previously signed to TVT Records where he put out many albums including "Kings Of Crunk' and "Put Yo Hood Up," too bad TVT filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year, although it's a good thing for the "YAAAAA" man as he became a free agent able to sign deals like the one mentioned above.

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