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Lil Jon Launches Citrus Crunk!!! Energy Drink

Posted By on June 2, 2008

    Lil Jon is currently on a recording break since his label, TVT Records, is currently going through it's bankruptcy. Lil Jon isn't just sitting around though, he is preparing to release a new line of energy drink called Crunk!!. The citrus flavored edition of the drink will launch this summer in a new yellow and green can.

    Crunk recently expanded it's distribution and can now be found in stores in Los Angeles, North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  “We takin Crunk!!! to another level,” Lil’ Jon said. “Citrus is the best damn tasting energy drink you will ever have!” Along with the drink, Lil Jon is about to release a Crunk!!! Girls 2009 calender.