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Lil Jon Wants Rock, Hip-Hop To Blend On Solo Album

Posted By on January 24, 2007

Lil Jon is hard at work on his first solo album, "Crunk Rock," but the artist is taking his time with the TVT project, expected sometime in the second quarter of the year. The new track "Snap Yo Fingers" featuring E-40 and Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz topped Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart last August, and some fans were confused when an album never followed.

"I dropped 'Snap Yo Fingers' because I was going through the drama with TVT Records, and I wanted to show people that I didn't go anywhere," Lil Jon tells Billboard. "TVT and I eventually settled our differences. So I was caught between a rock and a hard place, because it was really the first single for 'Crunk Rock.' So it was either promote the record for a nice look in the marketplace, or we don't do anything and start from scratch when I do put my record out."

Lil Jon looked into ending his TVT contract in late 2005. However TVT met his demands, which he won't discuss, by spring of 2006 and he remains signed to the imprint. Choosing the marketplace option, Jon promoted "Snap," and is now back in the studio prepping "Crunk Rock."

"It's not a compilation," Jon says. "But it'll have a lot of appearances, like how Dr. Dre does his records. There'll be a hip-hop side and a rock side. It's a mixture of all the sh*t I've done. Like Run-D.M.C. rapping over a hard rock track, I'm going to go back to some of those hard guitars over hip-hop beats. I won't do a Metallica song, but I'll take a Metallica riff and put it over a gangsta beat."

A few tracks that have already been recorded are "Lil' Wayne and Ciara on a song together called 'Roll Call,' me and Three 6 Mafia [on a song] called 'Act a Fool,' me and R. Kelly on a song called 'Myspace,' and Nate Dogg has a song too but I don't know what that's called yet," Jon says.

"Act a Fool" has already appeared on Lil Jon's MySpace site. "It had almost 500,000-600,000 hits in like 24 hours and the song is building in the clubs," he enthuses.