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Lil Scrappy suing Orlando Police 250 Million

Posted By on March 28, 2004

Darryl “Lil Scrappy” Richardson has filed a $250 million dollar lawsuit against the Orlando, Florida police department, manager Tommy “Serious” Phillips confirmed with AllHipHop.com.

The lawsuit stems from the treatment that Scrappy and Phillips received after a concert at a local high school turned into chaos.

The lawsuit names the Orlando Police Department and the arresting officer Richard Bailey Jr. as defendants.

The concert took place at Dr. Phillips High School late last month. Sources told AllHipHop.com that Scrappy was warned not to use profanity and was not allowed to remove his shirt during the performance.

Officer Bailey claimed that the men on the stage were attempting to “invoke a riot response from the crowd.”

Police attempted to subdue the performers on the stage and a fight broke out. Bailey alleges that Scrappy attempted to stop him from arresting Phillips.

The video footage shows Bailey turning towards Lil Scrappy and shoving him several feet off the stage. Phillips was subsequently arrested and charged with battery on a law-enforcement officer.

Phillips said police brutalized him and Lil Scrappy, who was handcuffed and suffered minor injuries due to the shove, but was not charged with any crime.

Lil Scrappy is a recording artist on Lil Jon’s BME Recordings. His debut The King of Crunk and BME Recordings Present: Lil Scrappy debuted at # 12 on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart, powered by his single “Headbussa.”

Source: All Hip Hop