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Lil Kim Talks Relationship With Scott Storch

Posted By on February 22, 2011

     Brooklyn's own Lil Kim recently opened up about her past relationship with hit-producer Scott Storch. Confirming that they did end their relationship years ago, Lil Kim further explained how and why the Bentley he gave got repossessed.

"Yeah, yeah, it's done," Kim said radio host TT Torrez referring to her romantic run with ex-boyfriend Scott Storch. "Yeah, I have all of my jewelry, all of the things he bought me, I have everything. Yeah, the [repossessed] car, I had the car for six years so I mean, the car situation was something where I could not have anything in my name at the time, anything new in my name at the time when he bought the car for me because I was going through my court situation. And anyone who knows when you're going through a major court situation, like what I went through before I was in jail, you're not supposed to buy anything, do anything, you can't do anything at that time. You really can't so he had the title for a long time. I had no idea he wasn't paying the car note or that he was on drugs. I had no idea." (Power 92.1)

Lil Kim – Talks Relationship With Producer Scott Storch