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Lil Kim Plans Movie, Not For BIGGIE

Posted By on March 26, 2009

    Lil Kim says that she will plans to make a movie based on her live and wants to make sure that everyone knows that it will not focus on Biggie Smalls.

    Lil Kim has talked about not liking the way she was played in the latest biopic on Notorious BIG called "Notorious." Kim says "After Biggie died, her, I and [Biggie's daughter] T'yanna used to sleep in his bed and now it's a whole 'nother story," Kim explained. "It's crazy, you know, you'll hear about it. I'm really gonna address this issue once and for all and I'm gonna get detailed about it very soon. Definitely [there will be a movie] but it's gonna be about Lil' Kim, it's not gonna be about Biggie. There's nobody else that can tell the story except for me."