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Scott Storch Gave Lil Kim The Stollen Bently

Posted By on April 17, 2009

    After news broke that Scott Storch was arrested for grand theft auto after he didn't pay for a leased Bently, many people thought maybe it was the Bently he gave Lil Kim as a gift. Well those people turned out to be correct. Lil' Kim has been named a key person in Scott Storch's recent car theft arrest, with reports surfacing that the alleged stolen Bentley was a gift to her from the producer.

    The Bentley actually belonged to record producer Scott Storch, but  he ran out on the lease in 2007 and he never gave the car back to the Florida-based leasing company. Instead he gave the car to Lil' Kim at some point in time. Eventually, the repo company went to Kim's place in New Jersey and took it back.