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Lil Kim Won’t Be Dancing Anymore

Posted By on May 6, 2009

    Well that's it for Lil Kim and the hit television show "Dancing With The Stars." Last night (Tuesday, April 5th), the Brooklyn rapper was kicked off the show while four other dancing contestants were "saved" by fans who voted for them. [watch here] Lil Kim stumbled a few times during her performance (a waltz) scoring a 52 while fellow contestants Melissa Rycroft got a 57 and Shawn Johnson got a 57.

    Kimy wasn't the lowest score though, Ty Murray scored a nice 46. Kim previously said that she was greatful to be on the show stating "I think this is one of the greatest experiences I've ever experienced in my life." The rapper went on to say "I think I brought different viewers to the show…I love you, too," after the crowd cheered. [watch here]

Lil Kim Gets Kicked Off Of Dancing With The Stars