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Lil Kim Says She Never Got Money From UK Promoters

Posted By on November 13, 2009

    Less than a day after being accused of stiffing some United Kingdom club promoters out of $20,000 dollars, Lil Kim has responded saying she never got any money from the promoters like they said. Kim issued the following statement … "We do not have a contract with Abstrakt Visions Entertainment and never received any money from them," stated Kim's spokesperson. "Abstrakt Visions Entertainment is in the wrong for falsely promoting Lil Kim in London and will be dealt with accordingly. This matter is in the hands of our legal team."  [Lil Kim Responds to UK Promoters – I Never Got Any Money From Them – Watch Here]

    In related news,  Foxy Brown recently released a few disses towards her ex-rap rival Lil Kim on a new untitled song where she even taunts Lil Kim appearance on the television show "Dancing With The Stars," saying she embarrassed their home, Brooklyn. Landing online yesterday (November 3rd), the track features Foxy Brown
rapping "Y'all rap b*tches are mad rappers, n*gga, I'm a freak and need
a hood n*gga to eat it a** backwards," Brown raps. "Put your money up
playboy, the pink p*ssy price cost like a couple keys of that fish
scale white/Catch me at Marcy at the mall, but motherf*ckers will never
see me 'Dancin' With The Stars'/Never, will I embarrass my borough, I'm
too thorough/Dark skin b*tches, we here now…Y'all b*tches wanna be me
so bad, y'all studied my whole swag." [Foxy Brown Disses Lil Kim – Listen Here]

Lil Kim Responds To UK Promoters – I Never Got Money


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