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Remy Ma & Lil Kim Step Up Their Beef – Watch Them Go Back And Forth

Posted By on January 15, 2008

Remy Ma and Lil' Kim have had beef in the past but now it is reaching new levels. Previously the two top female rappers went back and forth with comments and mini attacks but thats not where it's ending. Remy Ma recently went to the next level, releasing a YouTube video of her in the studio recording her latest diss track against the Queen Bee entitled "When I See Her." "It's officially a problem" is how Remy starts in the video saying things like "Seven days of the week / Alternate sides of the street / I'ma drag that @#*$% like the mother@#*$ing beat."  Remy continued by saying "It's on when I see her / She a goner when I see her / Word is bond, it's on, I'ma stomp her when I see her."  After the diss song, Remy then immitated Lil Kim saying "at the end of the day" (referring to an expression that Kim used continually in a previous interview), after which she stated Kim was affraid of her.

Watch Remy Ma Talk About Lil Kim


Lil Kim fought back during DJ Whoo Kid's radio show on Shade 45 saying "Everybody who knows me know that I ain't just gonna come at nobody for
no reason," she said referring to her beef with Remy. "I spread love.
Every female that came in the game, I embraced them." "When I got locked up, she was talking reckless again on the radio but
when I came home, she was at my party like 'what's up Kim, I love you,
can I take a picture with you,'" Kim continued. "I brushed a lot of
sh-t off, I let a lot of sh-t slide but enough is enough." "Everything you do got too much testosterone
son" futher joking about the recent videos of a lezbian saying she wa Remy Ma's lover.

Watch Lil Kim below talk about Remy Ma