Lil Scrappy Arrested For Gas Station Fight

Lil Scrappy Arrested For Gas Station Fight

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy was reportedly in a fight at a local gas station in Georgia, which has now led to an arrest.

Lil Scrappy apparently resorted to fighting another man for disrespecting his girlfriend:

“Lil’ Scrappy — one of the stars of the VH1 show “Love & Hip Hop” — was arrested at a Georgia gas station yesterday after getting into a fight with a guy who allegedly disrespected his girlfriend, TMZ has learned. Law enforcement tells TMZ … cops received a call about a brawl going down inside the gas station around 2:33 AM. We’re told an off-duty police officer from Atlanta happened to be at the same gas station and sprang into action — successfully breaking up the fight. When on-duty cops arrived to the scene … Scrappy and the other man were arrested for disorderly conduct and hauled to a nearby police station. FYI — the other guy in the fight was Kenny Rogers … not “The Gambler” Kenny Rogers … just a random guy who also happens to share the same name as the country legend.” (TMZ)

According to reports, Scrappy was released later on that same day:

“We’re told Scrappy was very cooperative once in custody — and was released a short time later. We spoke with Scrappy who insists Kenny Rogers was the aggressor — “He was calling my girlfriend names and then put his hands on me … so I had to lay them paws on him.” Scrappy’s lawyer Mawuli Mel Davis tells us there’s video that proves Scrappy was acting in self-defense. Scrappy says he plans to cooperate with law enforcement moving forward — and is now trying to focus on the next season of his reality show.” (TMZ)

Scrappy took to his twitter page to adress the incident.


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