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Lil Wayne Talks Acting, Says There Is No One Like Him

Posted By on January 1, 2009

    Lil Wayne plans on acting more. In a new interview [watch here] the New Orleans rapper talks about his role in the upcoming movie "Hurricane Season." Co-Starring Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washinton and fellow rapper Bow Wow, "Hurricane Season' is the true story of a Lousianna basketball team during the Katrina hurricane.

    Weezy goes on to talk about recording his "Lollipop" hit, recording with T-Pain and even where he was at when he heard Barack Obama was elected. "I just feel like I'm different," Wayne says, "theres not anyone that does what I do, you don't have anyone to compare it to." Weezy finishes by saying "therefore everytime it comes out, it's new, because no one else does it." [watch here]

Lil Wayne – New Interview